Damson-Related Sites

1. The most comprehemsive, and up-to-date compendium on damsons — Guide to Damsons — is available to download, free, from Daiv’s site:

2. The Friends of the Coalbrookdale Arboretum are volunteers who are renovating an arboretum in which the National Damson Collection is planted:

3. The digital home of the Lake District damson is The Westmorland Damson Association:

4. England in Particular site; includes damson information as well as where to buy  apples and orchard produce:

5. Jenny Dean experiments with damsons for dyeing, and provides photos of the results:

6. A Ludlow-based plant expert who specialises in difficult-to-find plant, trees and shrubs, and who has given talks on the damson tree at the Marches Damson Days is PlantFinder Jenny. Jenny worked for the nursery that developed the Merryweather variety of damson. This is her website:

7. Slow Food Ludlow Marches has organised two Marches Damson Days: